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Last updated February 28, 2020

Now that you have the resources to help you explore college and career options, it’s time to make your next move (don’t worry, it’s super quick and easy to do!)

  1. Add your school and cell# to your Get Schooled profile to earn points for your school and to be eligible to win weekly prizes!
  2. Let us know your next move! Drop a comment in the form below to let us know what your next move will be (examples include: taking the SAT/ACT, accepting a college offer, creating your first resume so you can start applying to jobs,).
  3. Come back again (but be sure to log in): Get Schooled adds new college and career content every week! Log back then view our free resources to help with your next move.

Way to go! Keep it up by exploring even more college resources and information about getting a job. Or text Get Schooled for 1:1 support!

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