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The Best Scholarship Websites For Finding Money

Last updated October 11, 2021

The Best Scholarship Websites For Finding Money

What are the best scholarship websites besides Get Schooled? 

Searching for scholarships to help you pay for college? Typing “Scholarships” into Google will only get you so far. In fact, it might lead you to sites that frustratingly link to outdated or nonexistent scholarships or ones that ask for extensive private information to sell to advertisers. We’ve done the research on free, non-invasive scholarship databases for you. Each of these best scholarship websites was carefully vetted - we’ll be straight up with you about the pros and cons of each.  

Scholarships360 (no sign-up required)

Founded by two first-generation brothers, Scholarships360 is a free of charge (and spam!) platform for finding up-to-date scholarships. The site also has helpful tips for finding and applying to scholarships, as well as essential FAFSA information.


  • Scholarships are vetted by members of the Scholarships360 team to make sure they're legit and not expired.
  • You can take a free, personalized quiz to receive scholarships via email weekly.
  • Free to access and apply to scholarships.
  • No spam or ads to distract you in your search.

JLV Scholarships (no sign-up required) 

This is an extensive, sign-up free scholarship site run by a former college admissions counselor. They have scoured the internet for private scholarships and organized them by deadline, month, and categories like “Scholarships for STEM students”, “Scholarships for Community Service”, etc.


  • This is the only scholarship website we know of that is consistently updated with new current scholarships, but doesn’t require you to sign up and provide personal information to use their scholarship search. JLV’s scholarships are organized by deadline and kept up to date, so you’ll never click a link and notice “Hey… this scholarship doesn’t even exist anymore.”
  • JLV doesn’t require a log-in or solicit any personal information from you. Anyone can click over to JLV’s site and start browsing every scholarship they have listed.
  • Scholarships are organized by deadline, and there are 100+ scholarships listed for every month of the year.


  • Since JLV doesn't ask for any personal information, you’ll have to sift through the 1000+ scholarships listed by yourself to find ones that suit your experience and academic background. Fortunately, there are sorting categories built into the site that make this easier.
  • Scholarship descriptions are sometimes lacking. JLV doesn’t always list the requirements and eligibility criteria. You’ll have to click the link provided to find out more about what the scholarship requires of applicants.

best scholarship websites

Access Scholarships 

Access Scholarships has nearly 6,000 scholarships on their database, so chances are you'll be able to find one that's right for you. They even offer their own $1,000 no essay scholarship!


  • Access Scholarships offers free, personalized help on their website to talk about scholarships.
  • Offers student support and content (not just about scholarships!).
  • Holds weekly events on social media
  • Gives away gift cards and prizes

Fastweb (sign-up required, may sell your personal data)

Fastweb offers a fairly high quality scholarship search tool. It asks you to sign-up, provide info about your year in high school/college, academic interests/goals, and more, so they can match you to scholarships that suit your experiences and background. The process works great. But you’re giving up a lot of personal info that they unfortunately do use to sell to marketers and advertisers.


  • Matches you with scholarships that suit your experiences, background, and academic goals so you don’t have to sift through scholarships that may not apply to you.
  • Consistently updated.


  • Scholarship search is gated behind an extensive sign-up form that asks for a lot of personal info.
  • Their business model involves selling user data to advertisers and marketers. (sign-up required, may sell your personal data)

Like FastWeb, boasts a huge library of scholarships, and requires personal info so that they can match scholarships to you based on your experience and academic background. Unfortunately, they also sell that info to advertisers. also has a problem with removing scholarships that no longer exist. Every so often when using the site, you’ll click a scholarship and find that it has expired.


  • Massive database of scholarships. If you’re looking for tons of scholarships to apply to, you’ll find plenty here.
  • Matches you with scholarships that suit your experiences and academic goals, so you don’t have to sift through scholarships that might not apply to you.


  • Lists expired scholarships. The site isn’t always completely up to date.
  • Scholarship search is gated behind a sign-up form that solicits personal info. That personal info is then often sold to advertisers. 

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