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Spring 2020 Get Schooled Challenge

The Spring 2020 Get Schooled Challenge is a friendly competition across high schools all working toward the same goal - helping students take THE next steps toward their college and career future. - - ---

Picture Yourself On Your First Day At College Or Work

How do you think your first day will go? What do you envision happening? The act of visualizing yourself on your first day at college or a new job will help you actualize a good day. It’s a mental rehearsal of what you want to happen. In your mind, imagine what the day will look like. What will you be wearing? What are you doing? How are you feeling? Imagine getting coffee, walking to class/work, learning new things, and meeting new people, etc.

Get to College

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How to Survive Finals Week

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Find a Job

How Volunteer Work Can Lead to a Job

​There are many reasons for volunteering: you may feel connected to a cause, need to earn community service hours for school, want to gain perspective, and build community. These are all great reasons to volunteer AND you should also know that volunteering can also help you get a job!

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