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ACT Scoring Updates

Last updated March 1, 2021

Starting September 2020, ACT will be making two rounds of updates to the test to promote student success. From fee waivers to superscoring, these updates will reduce test anxiety, help students show their best performance, and allow for an overall better experience.

September 2020 ACT Test Updates

  • Faster Results - If the ACT exam is taken online (only at designated testing centers) results will be sent in as soon as two business days.
  • Superscoring - “Superscoring” is taking the average of the four best subject scores from each ACT test attempt and submitting it as the official score. Each school has their own policy on superscoring so ACT will always submit at least one full score plus all the scores from the test events that were part of the superscore. Want to learn more about superscoring - head over to

  • Fee Waivers - ACT offers four fee waivers to qualifying students to maximize success in test preparation, the ACT exam, and retesting. Check out this article to see if you can take the ACT for free!
  • Score Reporting - For students who have taken the ACT with a fee waiver, there will be unlimited free score reports. This way, students may send their superscore or score from any individual test (even those taken previously) to their schools of choice.

2021 ACT Test Updates

  • Remote Proctoring - By selecting the remote testing options, students will be able to take the ACT test online at home or any other convenient location.
  • Section Retesting - Instead of retaking the entire ACT exam, students will be able to retake specific sections (up to three section retreats on any one test date). Research shows that section retesting gives the opportunity to showcase more skills and knowledge and not just the performance on a particular test day.

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