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10 Activities to Boost Your College Application

Last updated May 31, 2022

10 Activities to Boost Your College Application

With many colleges and universities no longer accepting or requiring students to submit things like SAT or ACT scores to be considered for admission, there are other unique ways to stand out on your college applications. Academics are important, but they aren't everything - college admissions staff wants to see that the students applying are dedicated and engaged outside of the classroom! Here are 10 activities to boost your college application.

1. Learn up to 38 languages for free on Duolingo.

2. Strengthen your resume or land a new job by learning a new skill

3. Volunteer for an organization or cause that you care about - both in-person and online

4. If you're able, train for a race near you. Keep a diary of the experience. 

5. Learn how to code and program for free with Code Academy

6. Create a story, song, work of art, article, etc. Submit it to a local newspaper or magazine to spread the word about it, or start your own blog and publish it there!

7. Find a remote internship to explore a career path and grow your network. 

8. Tutor friends, classmates, or neighborhood kids in a subject you're confident in. 

9. Volunteer for a political organization or cause you're passionate about. 

10. Give back to your local community. 

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