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Last updated June 8, 2022

It's no surprise that distance learning wasn't for everyone. Some students need interaction with peers and in-person time with educators to understand important topics and concepts in class. If you feel like you missed out on important learning or feel worried that you're not as prepared for your next school year (or college) as you could be due to distance learning, you are not alone! The good news is that it's not too late to get ahead (or back on track) in your academics to rock your next school year! Whether you’re about to start college or are heading into another year of high school, there are lots of great - and FREE - summer learning opportunities available to you! Here's where you can start your search.

Local Community Colleges

Check with community colleges in your area to see if they offer any free programs or courses for students looking to learn over the summer. You may even get college credit for the courses you take, which may be transferable to your college after high school! Having credits before you begin college will put you ahead in your studies and can be a great way to cut down the cost of your degree.

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Your High School

Summer school isn’t just for re-taking classes! Ask your guidance counselor about summer learning opportunities at your school and how you can learn more about the subjects that interest you. They might even be able to help you find opportunities outside of your school as well.

Free Online College Courses

Since the start of the pandemic, many Ivy League and other popular universities have made a variety of their courses available online for free! You can take an introduction to computer coding from Harvard, learn how to write a great essay from UC Berkeley, or study biology from MIT. These courses usually last a few weeks at a time, but you can take them at your own pace!

Looking for other ways to catch up or get ahead after distance learning? Learn more here!

Looking for something a little less structured? Don’t need to refresh an entire subject, just a topic or two? Check out our Online Learning Opportunities list for free learning resources available all year! 

Looking for more ways to jumpstart your summer? Text #Hello to 33-55-77.

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