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Free Online Learning Opportunities for Every Subject

Last updated March 16, 2022

Many students feel like they missed out during virtual learning, but it's never too late to get back on track. Whether you are looking to catch up, review, or get ahead, here is a list of free online learning opportunities for every subject! 


Artsy features over 1 million works of art and architecture by 100,000 artists. They have created a list of 10 university art courses available online for free!


For help with writing, grammar, and proofreading, check out Quill. By creating a free profile, students can complete writing activities that only take 10-15 minutes each with instant feedback.

Foreign Languages

Need to practice your Spanish? Want to learn Hindi? Check out Duolingo - a free website and app (just create a profile) with 35 languages for English speakers to practice or learn. If English is your second language, there are 22 other language programs as well!


From ancient to modern history, EdX has a class for you. Founded by Harvard and MIT, EdX offers over 2,500 courses for free - including many history lessons. Lessons vary in subject, length, and level but are a great way to learn something new or refresh one of your favorite subjects.

Online Learning Opportunities for Every Subject


Khan Academy is a well-known place to start for help with all types of mathematics. Using practice exercises and a personalized dashboard, you can study at your own pace and focus on your specific areas of growth.


Science may be difficult to learn on your own, but we’ve put together a list of 7 websites and YouTube channels to help you learn something new and do a few experiments at home!

Social Justice

To confront issues of race, inequality, and social justice, Coursera has curated a list of 15 free courses. They will continue to add courses to their collection as existing content is updated and new courses are made available to the public. 

These sites have something for everyone!

AP Courses (live and recorded) - College Board has recruited some of its top AP teachers to lead classes on every AP subject. Check out the list of previously recorded courses to catch up on content you may have missed when out of school. Each subject is broken down into great “bite-sized” classes so you can pick and choose exactly what you need!

Although it is listed above for Math, Khan Academy has expanded into many other subjects! US History, Organic Chemistry, Grammar - there are many other subjects to explore.

Many Ivy League Universities offer a catalog of free courses. Harvard Extension School, UC Berkeley Class Central, and MIT OpenCourseWare are just a few examples of where to look for free online classes to help you get ready for next year!   

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