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An Update to College Decision Day

Last updated June 4, 2020

An Update to College Decision Day

College Decision Day is when students are required to commit to the school they want to attend in the Fall, and pay the deposit to hold their spot in the incoming class. Historically, this deadline has May 1st. This spring many schools have extended their deadlines giving students and families more time to weigh their options. It is always a good idea to double check deadlines with your school. Go to the “Admissions” page on the college website and look for a “deposit”, “decision”, or “enrollment” deadline for Fall 2020.

Colleges delaying the deadline

The Admissions Community Cultivating Equity and Peace Today (ACCEPT) has compiled a list of more than 300 colleges that have officially extended their deadline to June 1st or later. This list does not include schools that offer rolling admissions, a different enrollment method that takes a “first come-first serve” approach.

How to use the next couple months

If a school from your college list has pushed back its decision day, here are some ways you can use the time to get smarter on which school is right for you:

College Decision Day

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