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How to Stay Connected With a Club or Organization Virtually

Last updated September 28, 2020

Participating in a club or an organization is a huge part of the school year. With the uncertainty of in-person learning you’ll need to get creative on staying connected with your extracurriculars virtually. You can keep exploring your interests outside of academics during this time of distance learning by doing the following.

Visit your school’s club directory or event calendar

If you are looking for a club or organization to join, check with your friends, classmates, and your school’s page to see if there are any clubs you’d be interested in. If you don’t find one that interests you, think about creating one!

Follow the club or org on social media

Find and follow the social handle of the club(s) or organization(s) you’re interested in on Facebook, Instagram, or other platforms. Stay engaged by liking and leaving comments. You can even send in a guest posting that the club or organization can post on your behalf.

Participate and suggest online activities

When online events are announced, take the time to learn about the activity. You can also lead discussions on other online activities, such as: trivia night,, or charades.

Safely meet in person

If it’s possible, have a club meeting at the park while keeping 6 ft apart from each other. Think of activities that you can do in person that don’t require touching the same equipment/material.

Create a Slack channel for members

Slack is a free online chat application that can help you organize communications. You can set-up different chat rooms known as channels with different goals: formal announcements, planning events, memes, etc.

Recruit new students

Check to see if your school has an online board where you can post information about your club. You can also ask your teachers/professors to make an announcement on their class pages or verbally in their different classes.

Keep up the momentum

Schedule and block time for your club or organization meetings into your schedule. Make it an active decision to participate in events and keep on the lookout for other clubs and organizations that you can join.

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