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Why Taking Challenging Classes Matters

Last updated December 20, 2019

Ever wondered, "Why should I take an honors, AP, IB, or dual-enrollment class?" After all, regular-level classes are less stressful, and easier to get good grades in. There are several reasons - when you begin to apply to college, colleges like to see that you've challenged yourself. It can improve your chance of being admitted! AP, IB, and dual-enrollment classes can also earn you college credit, saving you money on college tuition later on down the road.

Overall academic preparedness 

Taking rigorous courses help prepare you to not only successfully complete high school but it prepares you for college level coursework.  Courses like honors, AP, IB, Running Start is way to show colleges that you are “ready” for college level academics

Help you prepare for SAT/ACT

The additional reading, more complex math, and course testing all contribute to stronger test scores

You can “get your feet wet” experiencing college academics (and receive credit)

 It's a confidence booster to do college level work in high school and proves you’re ready to conquer college. You can also receive credit for receiving a 3 or better score on an AP exam, or from dual enrollment classes. This credit can transfer to the 4-year college you choose to attend, saving you money on tuition! 

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