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How to Pick The Right Classes in High School

Last updated June 10, 2020

1. Check out what subjects you are required to take to graduate. 

High schools have a list of required credits that must be taken during the four years. Make sure you have these bases covered.

2. Take a balanced set of classes. 

Typically, you should try to take courses each year in English, science, math, the social sciences, and foreign language. This helps you stay on track for graduation!

3. Know the admissions guidelines for your top college choices. 

Many colleges, especially the selective ones, have specific admissions requirements for entering students for example, multiple years of a foreign language may be a requirement. It is best to research each school individually. Make sure you meet the minimum requirements.

4. Do create a rigorous – yet balanced – schedule. 

Don’t try to stack your schedule with all challenging classes. Maybe limit yourself to no more than three Advanced Placement classes at a time. Mix in classes for creativity, interest, or just fun.

5. Pursue passion interests. 

It’s OK to take courses of personal interest like film-making or fashion, just make sure it is not at the expense of graduation requirements. Whatever electives you choose make sure it’s an actual interest and not away to avoid taking other necessary classes.

6. A heads up for Seniors. Do not catch Senioritis! 

Many admissions offices will check an applicant’s senior year program and performance before offering admission. Additionally, schools may rescind an acceptance if a student performed poorly during the senior year. See your work through from beginning of freshman year to end of senior year.

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