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The Summer Before College Bucket List

The sun is shining and in just a few months your seniors will be college students! They’ve worked so hard for all their accomplishments - high school graduation, being accepted into college, making decisions about their future - and this summer is the perfect time to take a breath and enjoy the success. However we know summer melt is real and helping students complete the college checklist is vital over the next few months.

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Taking ​College Classes in the Summer

Summer classes can be a great way to ease into college! Here's how to register for summer college classes.

How To Pay For Summer School Classes

Paying for summer school & summer classes is really no different from other semesters! Here's how to pay for summer classes.

The Summer Before College Checklist

A simple checklist of what you need to do this summer to make sure you're ready for college in the Fall!

​How to Register for College Classes

There are several steps to help you get ready to register for college classes - we break them down here.

Where to Find Cheap Textbooks

There are a number of ways to get your college textbooks for a significantly discounted price - sometimes even free!