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Starting Senior Year Off Right

Its time to celebrate! This fall your juniors will be the top dogs on campus! We know that using this summer effectively is key for our students' success and it's the perfect time for students to start preparing for college and life after high school. Share our free articles, videos, and downloadable resources with your rising seniors so they can start the college application process ASAP and be on top of their game this fall.

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Content and Videos

10 Activities to Boost Your College Application

Looking for a way to stand out on your college applications? Check out our list of ideas on how to boost your college application.

How to Apply to College

Applying to college is a process. Your plan on how to apply to college starts here with the College Plan Checklist

Get Ahead With Free Summer Learning Programs

Get ahead of your studies with free summer learning programs!

How to Start Planning for College

Planning for college doesn't have to be scary. These resources can help you navigate the college application process!

How to Decide Where to Apply to College

Once you've built your college list, it's time to make some decisions!

15 Calming Hobbies for Any Experience Level

This list of calming hobbies can be done by yourself and any can be adjusted to your experience level.