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Need Help Writing A Resume? Use Our First Job Resume Template!

Last updated February 27, 2022

Need Help Writing A Resume? Use Our First Job Resume Template!

Writing a resume is hard, whether it’s your first ever, or you’ve done it a hundred times. Formatting your resume doesn’t have to be. Instead of staring at a blank doc thinking about how you’re going to create your resume from scratch, use a template!

Resume templates take care of all the meticulous spacing, organization, and font-sizing that goes into creating a great resume. All you have to do when using a resume template is plug in your personal information, education, skills, and relevant experience.

We recommend using one of our free and easy-to-use templates on  Google Docs!

“First Job” Resume Template Option 1 

"First Job" Resume Template Option 2

Click on the above links and press File > Make a copy so you can edit your own version. 

Finished your resume and want an extra pair of eyes on it? Send it to us! We'll review it and offer feedback within a week - all for free. 

Writing A Resume? Use A Template!

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