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Renewing the TASFA for Your 2nd Year of College

Last updated March 1, 2021

You’re officially enrolled in your first year of college and getting used to classes, new professors and balancing your schedule. As a foreign student or non-citizen living in Texas, you filed the TASFA for your first year, but you must submit your TASFA form for every school year moving forward to receive financial aid! You can submit your TASFA as early as October 1st for the next school year!

The process to renew your TASFA is specific to the school you attend; be sure to read your school website’s financial aid page for instructions, or speak to a financial aid counselor. For help filling out the TASFA form, you can take a look at Video guides (available in English and Spanish) from

Top TASFA Tips to know:

  • A new TASFA form is released every year, so you will fill out the form for the upcoming school year, sign and turn in to your school’s financial aid office. This form is also available in spanish.
  • Although in the past, the form had always only been available on paper, the eTASFA is available for the 2020-2021 academic year, at some schools, which allows students to complete the form online. Check with your school to find out if the process is completed on paper, or online.
  • Many schools have a TASFA submission priority deadline of January 15th for the upcoming Fall semester, so you'll want to submit your renewed forms as soon as possible. Students who miss the priority deadline for initial submission may have their TASFA application process delayed.
  • While processing your TASFA, additional documents may be requested from you to complete your file (verification form, parents tax documents, or more) . You may be notified in your school email if your file is incomplete, and you should also follow up with the financial aid office.
  • Make sure you remain in good academic standing at your school, by meeting the GPA expectations required of students receiving aid.

After you submit your TASFA paperwork and it is processed, your school’s financial aid office will determine any grants and or scholarships you’re eligible for and notify you. Be sure to check your student email address often. Once you receive your award notification, time to celebrate and accept it! Money is awarded in order of submission so the earlier you apply, the better chance you have of receiving more money!

Got more questions about the TASFA? Text "Hello" to 33-55-77 and we'll work with you 1:1 to get yours submitted!

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