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Six Steps to Completing the Apply Texas Application

Last updated March 1, 2021

Six Steps to Completing the Apply Texas Application

Applying to college is a process. From start to finish there are materials to gather, tests to take, and lots of different choices to make. To help students in Texas, the Apply Texas application was created as a centralized application for every Texas public college (both 4-year and 2-year) and many private schools. To get started, follow these simple steps for completing your Apply Texas application for each Texas school you are interested in attending this Fall!

Step 1 - Create your Apply Texas profile

Create an account at the Apply Texas website. After you save your profile you will receive a username via email. Make sure to write this down, along with your password, before moving on to Step 2.

Step 2 - Begin your Apply Texas application

Follow the directions to “Start a New Blank application.” This is where you can create a new application based on the templates provided - either “4 year university undergraduate admissions application” or “2 year college admissions application.” After choosing the appropriate template, select your “Target University” or “Target College” (aka the school you are applying to!) from the drop down menu. You will need to complete this step for each Texas school you want to apply to - but don’t worry, you can replicate a previous application so you don’t have to reenter every piece of information!

Step 3 - Personal and educational information

In the next few sections you will fill out personal and biographical information, as well as your educational information. This includes your high school, any dual credit courses you’ve taken, or colleges you’ve attended, your expected graduation date, and courses you are completing senior year. Although optional, including your Social Security number (if possible) is important to make sure you receive a complete financial aid package from the school you are applying to!

Step 4 - ACT or SAT test scores

The Apply Texas application has a section to provide your SAT or ACT scores. Due to COVID-19 cancellations, you may not have been able to sit for a test yet but don’t worry! You can indicate that you have not yet tested. Also, many schools are moving to a “test optional” application so double check the requirements for schools on your college list.

Step 5 - Extracurricular and employment information

List out the clubs, teams or other organizations you have participated in throughout high school as well as any employment (paid or unpaid). Make sure to include a clear description of every activity and any leadership positions you have held. In this section you will also list any awards, honors, or distinctions you received during high school.

Step 6 - Supplementary requirements for the institution

Remember Step 2? The school you selected to apply to may have supplementary questions or requirements you will need to complete. To plan your application materials, check out this article to help you  determine how to pick the right essay prompt for each Texas school.

Six Steps to Completing the Apply Texas Application

You’re ready to submit! It's always good to double-check your information and confirm everything is correct before your final submission. When you’re ready to apply to another Texas school no need to start from scratch - you can copy the basic information from your previous completed application and use it to apply to a different Texas school!

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