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Ways to Maintain Your GPA

Last updated February 15, 2022

Ways to Maintain Your GPA

Every semester, you receive a GPA based on the grades you earned in all of your classes during that semester. Your GPA is important because colleges take it into heavy consideration when admitting students. It's best to try to keep it as high as possible because it affects your college and financial aid options. Here are some tips to help you maintain your GPA!

Read the syllabus

You probably got a syllabus at the start of class. READ IT! If it helps you, print it out! The syllabus tells you everything that will happen during that class. It sets the expectations, shows you how grading works, and most importantly, it tells you all of your assignments. Read it and mark the due dates for your assignments on a calendar so you don't miss deadlines. 

Ask questions

After you have read the syllabus and are prepared for the next day of class be sure to ask questions as they come up. Make sure your question can’t be answered in the syllabus if it’s a logistics question, before asking in class. If you don’t want to talk in front of everyone, send your questions via email to your teacher or visit before or after class.

Go to your teacher after class

Your teachers want you to learn and enjoy the material they are teaching! Most importantly, they want you to graduate! Talk to your teacher and figure out a time that works for you to meet. During that time, ask questions, talk about the assignments, find out how you’re doing, and ask for extra credit assignments or tips on how to succeed. You don't have long to go before graduation but you want to finish strong!

Ways to Maintain Your GPA


STUDY, study and study some more. Studying doesn’t have to take up your whole life, but you should put in the work that you need to receive the grade that you want! You can study alone, join a study group, or even meet up with a few students outside of class! Make flash cards, practice problems, complete your readings, and quiz yourself and others! Don't let your study habits get lax just because graduation is around the corner.

Get a tutor

It’s okay if you need extra help. Find a tutor!  The last thing you want is to perform badly toward the end of the year. Recognize what you need help with and find someone in class who gets it and can help you. You can also visit a tutoring center at school or in your community that has someone in your field that can help!

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