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Complete College Freshmen Checklist

The summer between high school and college is an exciting time with much to look forward to! However, there are still many things to do to make sure the recent high school graduates make it to their first day of college. The global pandemic, especially, has introduced new obstacles and uncertainties. The articles, videos, and resources in the Complete College Freshman Checklist package have been created to help your recently graduated students matriculate this fall. Check them out, pass them along to your students, post them in your virtual classroom, or link them on your school or organizational website!

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Resources available for free download. Send them to students, print them for your classroom, or incorporate them into a lesson plan or counseling session!

Content and Videos

Didn’t Get Enough Financial Aid? Ask For A “Change In Circumstances” Form

If you did not receive a financial aid award that reflects your current financial situation, you can submit an appeal to your college's financial aid office.