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Earn Money This Summer By Joining a SYEP!

Last updated March 18, 2021

Are you looking for a summer job but aren’t sure where to start? Consider joining a Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) in your city.

What is a SYEP?

Summer Youth Employment Programs provide entry-level summer jobs to young people at local businesses, nonprofit organizations, and city government departments.

Why should I join a SYEP?

SYEPs are a great way to gain work experience, learn new skills, and make money over the summer. In addition to gaining work experience, many programs offer job readiness workshops that teach you how to write a resume, help you prepare for job interviews, and offer advice on how to be successful in your first job. SYEPs also provide mentorship opportunities (which is super important) and match you with summer jobs that aligns with your career goals and interests.

How old do you have to be to participate in a SYEP?

While each city and state has their own age requirements, the typical age range for SYEPs are 14 - 24 years old. Be sure to look up your city’s program to learn about their specific age requirements.

What do I need to apply to a SYEP?

Each city has different application requirements, but many programs will ask for the following information: name, birthdate (to make sure you are old enough to apply) your email address, phone number, household size and income, social security number or birth certificate.

A note to undocumented youth

If you are an undocumented young adult, you may be eligible to participate in a Summer Youth Employment Program. Every SYEP has a different set of eligibility requirements and some programs do have positions available for undocumented youth. Be sure to speak with a representative at your local summer youth employment program to find out what options are available.

What else should I know before I apply?

  • Summer Youth Employment Programs are popular and spots fill up fast, so be sure to submit your application as soon as possible. Some programs close their applications early if they receive enough applications before the deadline.
  • Make sure you read the application instructions and eligibility requirements thoroughly and that you have all of the required documents BEFORE starting your application.
  • Remember to check your email regularly after applying so you don’t miss any important deadlines or next steps.

How do I find a SYEP program near me?

Many programs may go by a different name other than SYEP. Here are a few tips for finding a program near you.

  • Reach out to your school. Ask your guidance counselor, teacher, or administrator for information about summer opportunities available in your community.
  • Check out your local library. Many libraries have teen/young adult programming departments that can assist you with finding your local SYEP.
  • Conduct a Google Search. Try finding your local Summer Your Employment Program by searching on Google. Here are a few keywords to help make your search easier:
  1. Summer Youth Employment Programs, [insert name of your city]
  2. Summer jobs program, [insert name of your city]
  3. 2021 summer youth employment, [insert name of your city]
  4. SYEP 2021, [insert name of city]

Many cities have more than one Summer Youth Employment Program, so as you do your research, make note of all the programs you learn about.

Summer Youth Employment Programs List

Listed below are direct links to a few of the larger SYEP programs. Keep in mind that some programs may not have opened their applications yet, while others may be closing soon.

For help with finding a summer job near you, check out our free job search tool or text “#JOBS” to 33-55-77 to chat with a job coach. 

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