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The 5 Most In-Demand Seasonal Jobs To Apply For

Last updated December 1, 2020

You may already know which companies are hiring this holiday season, but do know what the top 5 most in-demand seasonal jobs are this holiday season?


Cashiers are always a popular seasonal job and this holiday season is no exception. With a 2019 median hourly pay of $11.37, cashiering is a great seasonal job for first-time job seekers, as many companies do not require previous work experience or formal education and companies will provide on-the-job training. If you feel comfortable interacting with customers, learning how to use a register and processing payments, then being a cashier may be a good fit for you.

Retail Sales Associate

Sales associates are another in-demand position. Associates help customers with their purchases, answer questions about products and services, and troubleshoot customer issues (among other responsibilities). Retail sales associates have a median pay of $12.23 an hour and similar to cashiers, are a great first-time job that usually does not require any previous work experience.

Customer Service Representative (in-store and online)

Many companies are trying to fill remote or online customer services representatives (CSR) roles, due to the pandemic which has moved even more customers to online shopping. As a CSR (in-person and online), you interact with customers, process orders and returns, answer questions, and field complaints (which sometimes requires a thick skin). The 2019 median pay for a customer service representative was $16.69 per hour!

Warehouse worker/package handler

One of the most popular (and in-demand) seasonal jobs are warehouse workers and package handlers. In this role you are lifting, sliding, and loading packages from the warehouse into the delivery trucks, which is a tough job, but their is potential to make great money. Though the 2019 median pay for warehouse workers and package handlers was $13.80 per hour, the pandemic and holiday season has significantly increased demand, so many large companies are paying over $18 an hour to fill these roles as soon as possible.

Delivery Driver

Delivery drivers are the #1 most in-demand seasonal position. Delivery drivers pick up, transport, drop off, packages. Similar to the warehouse workers and package handlers, this is a physically demanding job as it requires lots of driving, loading and unloading cargo, lifting, carrying, and walking. The 2019 median pay for a delivery driver was $15.39 per hour, but many companies have increased their pay, some offering as much as $22.50 an hour!

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