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10 Retail Jobs That Don’t Require a 4-Year Degree

Last updated May 7, 2021

Are you looking for a job in retail but aren’t sure where to start? Here are 10 entry-level jobs you should know about.

1. Supply Chain and Logistics Analyst

Supply Chain and Logistics Analysts work as the main contact point for large purchases of goods made outside of their company. They negotiate prices so that their company receives the best deals, keep track of what goods they already have, and support their staff when needed with tasks. Supply Chain and Logistics Analysts earn an average salary of$59,300 in 2021.

2. Product Developer

Product Developers design and develop software applications for their companies, like iPhone and Android apps. They troubleshoot and solve any problems that may arise within the apps, like bugs. Not only do Product Developers have technical and computer skills, they have an eye for design that makes user experience on the app smooth and efficient. In 2021, Product Developers make a salary of $64,089.

3. Human Resources Assistant

Human Resource Assistants recruit, interview, and hire employees to their organizations. They keep track of employees’ confidential information, like salaries, benefits, and performance reviews. In 2021, the average salary of a Human Resources Assistant is $43,492.

4. Corporate Financial Associate

Corporate Financial Associates gather and interpret financial data to help their company make smart financial decisions. They also help their company identify new opportunities for mergers or investments in other companies. They make an average salary of $68,500 in 2021.

5. Property Manager

Property Managers oversee the general operations of corporate buildings. They often assist in the maintenance and repair of buildings, and take care of the questions and concerns of their tenants. The average salary of Property Managers is $59,660 in 2021.

6. Visual Merchandiser

Visual Merchandisers use their design skills and in-depth knowledge of their company’s image and brand to create creative and eye-catching displays. Their creativity is an essential part of selling products in stores. Visual Merchandisers earn an average of $40,988 in 2021.

7. Purchasing Agent

Purchasing Agents buy goods at wholesale that their companies can sell for a profit. They can increase their customer base by offering products that consumers want to buy, such as clothing and electronics. Purchasing Agents must be decisive and confident when predicting which items will sell well in their stores. The average salary of Purchasing Agents in 2021 is $62,694.

8. Social Media Specialist

Social Media Specialists schedule, create, and post engaging social media content for brands or companies. They track social media trends and strategize with their team to find new ways to reach their audience online. The average annual salary of Social Media Specialists in 2021 is $51,245.

9. Asset Protection Specialist

Asset Protection Specialists work in stores and prevent theft and loss. They strategize ways to keep products safe and stay up to date on common theft techniques. Their work assures the financial and physical security of their store employees and company. Asset Protection Specialists earn an average salary of $38,698 in 2021.

10. District Manager

District Manager oversees the operations of retail stores in a specific geographical area. They help hire store managers, solve any problems that arise in any of their stores, and act as a point of contact for the public. They have a deep understanding of their company’s brand identity, and help implement it in stores across their district. Salaries of District Managers vary widely based on what company they work for and where they are located. 

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