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We are moving into fall and deeper into the college application process. This month FAFSA opened for students and we know the sooner they submit it, the more money available to help pay for college. To support your advising efforts, check out this month’s articles, videos, and downloadable resources on FASFA, financial aid, and more college application support. Check these resources out, pass them along to students, post them in your virtual classroom, or link them on your school website! Copy-and-paste emails will be sent weekly to be forwarded to your students or can be found in this package to be sent at your own pace.

Downloadable Resources

National Content Downloads | Knowledge for College Bundle

Free resources - Ways to Format Your Study Guide, College Essay Checklist, FAFSA Filed, Now What?, SAT vs ACT

Content and Videos

How to Decide Where to Apply to College

Once you've built your college list, it's time to make some decisions!

College Essay Myths

What should I really be writing?

Mental Health & Self-Care Resources for Teens

Work, school, and other activities can be taxing on our mental health. Here are some free resources to take care of it.