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Last updated October 18, 2020

Freshman year, starting at a new school, maybe moving to a new city or state - such a great adventure! One of the most exciting parts of it all is all the new people you will meet from faculty to fellow students. It can be challenging to meet people before the first day of class so we’ve compiled a list of things you can do before school begins to start building your college community.

  1. Online student groups - Most schools have groups on social media to help students - particularly incoming first-years - connect before school starts. Check out Facebook and Instagram to find profiles to follow or groups to join. This is a great way to “meet” other incoming freshmen through social media.
  2. Summer student events - Some schools will offer events over the summer for incoming students. Summer bridge programs, social events, and community building activities are a way schools help students meet one another before beginning college. Check out your college’s website to see if there is anything you can participate in.
  3. Clubs and organizations - You may not have had your first day of school yet, but use the summer to check out the different clubs and organizations at your school. Clubs and organizations are a great way to meet lots of new people who are interested in the same thing as you.
  4. Orientation - Last, but definitely not least, your college orientation is a GREAT place to make connections and meet some of your fellow classmates. During orientation you will learn how to get involved in campus (clubs and organizations!), discover what social events you can look forward to, and get introduced to many new people. Take advantage of this opportunity and follow up with the people you meet via social media, text, or email.
All of these opportunities will help you start to build your college community and meet new people even before school starts. If you’re already at your college, check out this great list of places to make friends on campus. Above all remember you are on an exciting new adventure and one step closer to achieving your college goals! 

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