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How to Set Up Your Study Space at Home

Last updated February 15, 2022

Whether you've transitioned back to online learning due to the Omicron variant of COVID-19 or are living and studying at home, we have tips for you to set up a comfortable and effective study space!

Choose and dedicate an area for your space.

Try to pick a space close to a window and, if possible, separated from busy areas in your home. You can create temporary partitions by sliding a bookcase over or creating a screen with cardboard. Let everyone in your household know this is your dedicated space for studying. Tell them that when you are in this space, you would appreciate it if they didn’t disturb you. Read our tips on  how to eliminate distracting while studying at home to help you focus on the task at hand!

Design your space.

Personalize your space with things that inspire and motivate you. Write down a quote, put up pictures, or draw something that can remind you of your goals. When you’re feeling down, take a moment to look at these quotes or pictures to help you focus and to get motivated.

how to set up your study space at home

Organize your space with the supplies you’ll need.

Have your supplies ready and within reach in your space. Organizing your space the way you like will reduce the need to get up to find a pen, a highlighter, or something else you might need. You want to reduce the amount of time you leave your space so that the temptation to become distracted is less.

Use a planner or calendar.

Keep track of your assignments and due dates with a planner or calendar. This will help you stay accountable for your time, and will help make sure all of your hard work doesn’t go to waste with a missed due date.

Any other tips we missed? Let us know by texting #Hello to 33-55-77!

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