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Go to a Two-Year School on the Detroit Promise Scholarship

Last updated March 1, 2021

Go to a Two-Year School on the Detroit Promise Scholarship

For Detroit high schoolers, getting the Detroit Promise Scholarship to community college is easy! Students who qualify for the Detroit Promise to 2-year Michigan schools are guaranteed up to 3 years of tuition-free access to partner Michigan community colleges as you work towards a degree/certificate!! Here’s how the 2-year Promise works, how to remain eligible once you have it, and what it pays for! 

How to qualify for the 2-year Detroit Promise

  1. If you have lived (or will live) in Detroit for at least your junior and senior year at a Detroit area high school, you qualify for the Detroit Promise Scholarship to participating Michigan 2-year institutions.
  2. No minimum GPA. No SAT/ACT exam requirements.
  3. Complete your FAFSA, and create an account at (and immediately check your email) and you’re all set! Be sure to check your email often!

How to keep the 2-year Detroit Promise Scholarship once you get it!

To remain eligible, students have to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements at their school. Sound confusing? Here’s what SAP means:

  • Maintain at least a 2.0 GPA
  • Pass at least 2/3 of all credits you register for each year
  • Remain on track to complete your program within 150% (time-and-a-half) of its time length limits (so for a 2-program, you’ll need to graduate in 3 years).
  • Be a full-time student, register for and attempt at least 24 credits each school year.
  • Sign the Authorization to Release (AtR) for your school. Click here to log in and sign) Do not sign for multiple schools.

Detroit Promise Scholarship

Most importantly, what does the 2-year Detroit Promise pay for?

The 2-year Detroit Promise funds all last-dollar tuition and mandatory fee costs at any participating community college you choose to attend, as long as the certificate or degree path you choose is Pell Grant eligible! (find out if your degree program is Pell-eligible here!)

Last dollar tuition funding means any tuition costs and mandatory fees that don’t get covered by your financial aid award will be completely covered by the Promise. This means you’re attending essentially tuition-free!

Unfortunately, what the Promise does not cover is book costs, housing, food, and supplies. 


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