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What Should I Wear To Work? [Video]

Last updated March 1, 2021

Whether you have a uniform or can wear what you want to work, you should always maintain a certain level of professionalism with how you present yourself and your hygiene. Check out this video for examples on what to wear to work. For pro tips on hygiene, read through our check list below. 

Start with your hair

  • Wash regularly with shampoo + conditioner
  • Style it a little or get a haircut
  • Keep any facial hair neat!

Brush your teeth

Leave bad breath at home (or make it a thing of the past) by regularly brushing your teeth before work and bedtime

Keep your clothes fresh

  • Wash your clothes regularly to keep them clean
  • Wear antiperspirant to avoid any sweat stains or body odor


  • Moisturize and use lotion
  • Toners, cleansers and moisturizing can all help keep your face look fresh!


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