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Get A Head Start On Your FAFSA With The FAFSA App

Last updated January 6, 2020

The month of October officially kicks off FAFSA season! For those who don’t know by now, FAFSA stands for The Free Application for Federal Student Aid and functions as a way for current and prospective college students in the United States to apply got and determine their eligibility for student financial aid.

The FAFSA application becomes available on October 1st each year.

screenshot of the FAFSA app

In previous years, students required a desktop in order to complete the application. Here’s what you can expect from the mobile app! 

  • The initial version of the app will feature the myFAFSA component, which can be used to complete the FAFSA form.
  • It will help students select a college by connecting the application with the College Scorecard
  • When a student picks a college or colleges to send their FAFSA to, the app will show key Scorecard metrics for each institution
  • Will help improve borrowers' experiences of managing their federal student aid. This means student borrowers will be able to answer many questions on their own that currently require reaching a call center by phone, such as finding the repayment plan that's best for them.

Ultimately, future goals for the app include becoming a place where students can also accept or decline a loan and even compare the price and graduation outcomes at different colleges.

The app is called My Student Aid and can be downloaded on any mobile operating service.


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