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Your Life As A Toro at CSUDH

Last updated January 16, 2021

Now that you’re a Toro, life is about to get infinitely more awesome. For peer mentor Hedrick Flores, there is no better place.

“CSUDH is pretty lively and diverse,” he shared. “You’ll meet new people and new friends. This space is an opportunity for you to get to know yourself a lot better. Take advantage of it.”

Who can argue with that advice? To help you take advantage of every opportunity at CSUDH, we’re going to give you the rundown of the top four things you need to know about life as a Toro.

On Tuesdays we wear Toro pride 

Toro sweatshirts for Toro Tuesday at CSUDH

What is Toro Tuesday? It’s like taco Tuesdays, but better because there’s a scholarship involved! You can enter the scholarship drawing each semester by wearing your school paraphernalia such as hats, tee shirts, or sweats on Tuesday and paying a visit to the Associated Students Inc. (ASI) office to sign the Toro Tuesday sheet. A drawing takes place at the end of the semester and the winner gets a scholarship for the very next semester. We call that winning!

There must be some Toros in the atmosphere 

The Toro Athletics department provides the perfect excuse to be loud and proud about your Toro pride. Grab your new friends and head to the stadium to cheer on men’s and women’s basketball, soccer, volleyball or track and field. Even if you’re not into sports, joining other Toros in the stands and cheering for the home team gives you a dose of school pride like no other.

Life outside the classroom 

Students playing pool at the Cal State Dominguez Hills Loke Student Union

With more than 120 student-run clubs and organizations to explore, your social possibilities are limitless. You can catch a movie on the lawn at sunset or compete with friends in intramural sports or even run for student government. Joining a club or getting involved in an organization is a great way to meet people whether you live on campus or not. You can also work on building your professional skills by helping to organize events and activities, volunteer locally, and more.

Connect across cultural lines 

College is a great time to explore other cultures. You’re going to have students in your classes from different cities, states, countries, religious backgrounds, physical abilities, gender identities, and even generations. Go to the cultural events, attend the speaker series, take the classes that help you gain a deeper understanding of the world around you and the people who make up that world. College is a great place to listen to others’ stories and perspectives even as you grow confident in identifying and sharing your own. 


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