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Living With Difference

Last updated January 6, 2020

College is an exciting place full of ambitious students who are eager to figure out their next steps. College is an exceptional place also due to diversity. There are students from different ethnic backgrounds, from different social classes, that have different identities, beliefs, opinions, and life experiences! Sometimes difference makes room for awkwardness and uncomfortableness, especially if you’re use to a hometown and/or school where students are like minded. Difference isn’t something to be afraid of. It’s something to celebrate! Here are some tips on how to approach difference.

Reality check- educate yo self!

girl listening and reacting

When you meet someone that has a different opinion or different belief than you, don’t just write them off. Take this opportunity to learn from one another!  

Don’t focus on the “difference”

ometimes when someone is different from you, it’s hard to see any similarities. Ask what music they like, what TV show are they binge-watching, or what classes they’re taking. Find out if they moved from a different state or country, chances are they miss their family just like you do. 


cartoon character asking someone to listen to them

When someone has a different life experience from you, don’t write them off and assume it’s a lie. Listen to them and share some of your experiences! 

Take a class

ake a class on a different culture than yours, learn a different language, take a history class, or take a class in the international field! 


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