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Buying College Textbooks On A Budget

Last updated January 2, 2020

1. Check out

It allows you to compare textbook prices from all of the best online stores at once.

2. Ask your professor if an older edition is OK to use. 

When you go to or, an older textbook edition is often A LOT cheaper than the newest version.

3. Buy the international edition. 

Often the international edition of a textbook is cheaper and they are almost exactly the same as the US version (just different photos). Just Google the textbook name with the “international edition”.

4. Visit the campus library. 

The campus library doesn’t have every single book for each individual class, however, they do have many! To find out if the library has your textbook, you can use your course number and search the library’s Course Reserves section. You can access course reserves in-person at the library or online on the library website.

Let us know below if you think we’ve missed anything!


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