What Is A Challenge Again?

Every year, Get Schooled hosts Get Schooled challenges, friendly competitions designed to engage students and entire schools to improve a key metric, whether attendance, FAFSA completions or something simple like&nbsp;a commitment to graduating.<br><br>All schools participating have the opportunity to earn a grant. &nbsp; High schools earn points through activity on the Get Schooled leaderboard; at the end of the Challenge, schools can turn those points into grants.&nbsp; Every point = $1 grant (maximum $1,000).&nbsp; A school needs to earn a minimum of 300 points to be grant eligible.<br><br>Schools who are active in our challenges report improvements in school culture, improved attendance,an increased percentages of students applying to college and a boost in FAFSA completions. &nbsp;<br><br>Watch this video to learn more about our Challenges!