We Are The Dream Grant Program

MTV and Get Schooled want to help your high school, college or community-based organization support the college goals of undocumented students in your community. <br><br>What kind of project could we fund?&nbsp; Here are some ideas: <br><br>1.&nbsp; Help put together a local fundraiser to support undocumented students in your community (e.g. materials for a car wash, money to buy items for a bake sale, etc.)<br>2.&nbsp; Have an assembly y raise awareness of how undocumented students can succeed in college<br>3.&nbsp; Micro-grants for undocumented students in your community to pay for books or transportation, etc. <br><br>We encourage you to explore the resources on our site including “<a href="https://getschooled.com/dashboard/article/4393-create-welcoming-environments-for-undocumented-students" target="_blank">Creating a Welcoming Environment for Undocumented Students</a>” and “<a href="https://getschooled.com/dashboard/article/4398-6-ways-students-can-support-dreamers" target="_blank">6 Ways Students Can Support Dreamers</a>” before you complete the application.<br><br>Any high school or college student or teacher as well as any staff member of a community based organization (e.g. a Boys & Girls Club, Boy Scout or Girl Scout Troop, etc. ) are welcome to apply. Applicants must provide a reference that will vouch for the integrity of the applicant and the willingness of the organization to support the idea. <br><br>Grant applications will be judged based on three criteria:<br><br>1. &nbsp;Your understanding and description of the need facing undocumented students in your community and how your idea will make a difference<br>2. &nbsp;The partners you will work with to help implement your idea (staff at your school, other students, a club you are affiliated with, etc.) including a check of the reference listed in your grant application <br>3.&nbsp; The likely impact relative to the size of the grant request<br> <br>To&nbsp;see previous grant winners, check out the&nbsp;<a href="https://getschooled.com/dashboard/article/4476-we-are-the-dream-grant-winners" target="_blank">We Are The Dream Grant Winner page</a>!<br><br>We will fund up to 20 grants ranging from $250 - $2,500. &nbsp; Grants&nbsp; will be awarded on a rolling basis. The grant program will be closed on March 20, 2019. <br><br>Read the official rules&nbsp;<a href="https://getschooled.com/dashboard/article/4401-we-are-the-dream-grant-program-official-rules" target="_blank">here</a> .&nbsp;<br><br>