Get Schooled Gives Back

This year we are celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week all month long! We invite you to join Get Schooled and Pearson in giving back to the great teachers in your life. Think of a teacher in your life that has given you great career advice or helped you discover your dream job and give him or her a Shout Out. For every 100 shout outs we receive, we will gift a $250 gift card for a deserving teacher up to $5,000!* <br><br>Get started:<br><br>Enter the name of the teacher, their school and how that teacher gave you great career advice or helped you discover your dream job! Your shout out will help unlock gifts for teachers everywhere!<br><br>Example: Mrs. Reed from Washington High School makes writing interesting. She's helped me develop my voice and continues to read over my work! Thank you Mrs.Reed for helping me discover my LOVE and talent for writing!&nbsp;<br><br><br>*A special thank you to Pearson for making this campaign possible.<br><br>Read the official rules&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">here</a> <a href="" target="_blank"></a>!&nbsp;<br>