Using Your School’s Graduate For Más Grant

By being active on Graduate For Más, you’re helping your school earn some well-deserved cash! Since you play a huge role in earning the money, you should have a say on how your school spends the money. Use our Shout Out Board below to share how you think the money should be spent. <br><br><br>How to use the Shout Out Board:<br><br>In the box under “I’d like to talk about,” type-in what you want to do with the money here. <br><br>- Example 1: Creating scholarships at school<br><br>-&nbsp;Example 2: Buying updated computers<br><br>In the box under “What do you want to say,” explain how your suggestion would be helpful to your school. <br><br>- Example 1: By using the grant money to create scholarships, it would give some of our students a chance to earn money for college.<br><br>-Example 2: Our school lab is still using computers from 1999. They’re slow and the software is outdated. By having updated computers, we’ll be able to do our work quickly and efficiently. <br>