Pop Quiz: ACT Science

We know you have to take the ACT and that means your ability to analyze data&nbsp;will be tested. Don't worry, we've got a few practice questions to help you be more at ease when test day comes! Just read the passage&nbsp;correctly answer the following questions!<br><br>In 1949, a study of heart disease included 5,137 adults: 2,292 men and 2,845 women. All the individuals were 49 to 70 years of age, and none showed any signs of coronary artery disease. After 14-16 years of careful follow-up, it was found that: <br><br>I.151 men and 37 women showed evidence of coronary artery disease that would account for a heart attack. <br><br>II.102 men and 18 women died of coronary artery disease before they reached the age of 65. <br><br>III.58 percent of the men and 39 percent of the women died within one hour of having a heart attack. <br><br>IV.For both men and women, sudden death was more likely if they were under age 55 at the time of the attack. <br><br>V.Not all heart attacks produce symptoms. A considerable number of men and women had a myocardial infarction (heart muscle damage) without knowing it. Of those who suffered such "silent coronaries"; 22 percent of the men and 35 percent of the women did not know muscle damage had occurred. <br><br>