The Get Schooled $1,000 No Essay Scholarship Winners

Meet the winners!


From February to June we are giving away a $1,000 scholarship to students ages 17-24! To apply students must log in to and complete at least one activity: read an article, play a game, take a quiz, watch a video, write on a discussion board, etc..! Yup, that's it! To learn more about how to apply head  here. Now meet the winners!


Marvin P.

The Get Schooled Foundation is happy to announce our winner of the $1,000 No Essay Scholarship for the month of April. Marvin P., Benjamin Franklin High School.

Marvin has been  an active Get Schooled member since 2016 with over 150k points! He also got our exclusive Graduation Cord.

He plans on getting a computer science degree from Anne Arundel Community College before transferring to a 4 year university. Being a programmer has always been Marvin’s dream — we’re sure that he’ll make a great developer!

We also wanted to know which Get Schooled resources was able to help him succeed in school. His favorite badge was the one on Community College, which shows the differences from a university and a community college, and the advantages and disadvantages of each. The other favorite Get Schooled resource of his was our content pieces on how to create resumes and write cover letters.

"It means a lot to me since colleges can be pretty expensive and winning this helps a lot!"


Joshua S.

Get Schooled is happy to announce the winner of our $1,000 No Essay Scholarship for the month of March, Joshua S., Centennial High School.

Joshua has been an active member of the Get Schooled community since September 2018 and has accumulated over 50,000 points since then.He plans on attending Norco Community College before transferring to a 4 year university. Joshua will major in elementary education and hopes to become a teacher.

His favorite thing about Get Schooled is having access to all the opportunities and resources available to him and other students.

"I want to study to be an elementary teacher, I had a few teachers that inspired me back then and I want to be that kind of teacher." 


Nakia W.

Get Schooled is happy to announce the first ever winner of our $1,000 No Essay Scholarship, Nakia W., The US School. Nakia has been a part of the Get Schooled community since March 2019 and has accumulated over 5,000 lifetime points.

She’s currently a senior at the US School and is excited to start college in the Fall. She plans on studying design at Moore College of Art and Design. Nakia’s favorite thing about Get Schooled is being able to connect with resources and advisors who care about her success.We wish her the best of luck going forward!

"I want to do more of what I love to do and explore more!"