21 Savage's Bank Account Campaign

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Last year, we partnered with 21 Savage to launch the Bank Account campaign to help young people learn how to manage their money. The impact was amazing— with students like you all over the country participating! But we're not stopping there. This year, we've partnered with Juma to build it out even bigger than before! From now until May, we'll release a digital badge focused on key financial topics—like Making Money and Budgeting & Saving. Once you complete all the badges, you'll have a better understanding of: what to do when you start making money, how to budget and save, how to invest, and differences between credit and debit.

21 Savage Give Yourself Credit Badge

21 Savage Get Invested Badge

21 Savage Stack Your Money Badge

21 Savage Money Making Badge

About Juma :  Need a job? Want to build a career but don't know where to start? If you are in San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, Seattle, Atlanta or Houston you should check out Juma. Juma offers low-income youth a great opportunity to work and make career dreams a reality. In addition to a job working at concessions in sports and entertainment venues, you get the chance to build workplace skills, training on how to manage money and save, counseling to develop a plan for building a career, and connections to jobs and education opportunities to help you get there. You can apply to become a Juma Youth if you are between 16-24 years old (depending on the city where you are applying). Juma gives special consideration to youth who:

  • Have experienced homelessness or temporary housing
  • Have been involved in the foster care system
  • Have a juvenile or criminal justice history

Apply now at https://www.juma.org/apply/!