How To Write A College Essay That Will Get You Accepted!

Real proof of what makes a great college essay is elusive. Colleges only hint at the kind of essay they want by encouraging things like creativity, self-expression, good organization, and answering the prompt question closely. Just like how no two people are exactly alike, no two examples of a “good college essay” are alike. The key is finding a way to express your unique perspective. <br><br>


How can you write a good college essay of your own? Here’s our breakdown of what colleges look for in a great college essay.

Answer the essay question from your point of view. Your response should help the reader understand what you're like, your personality, convictions, etc. 

  Colleges care a lot about how you’ll fit in at their school. Accordingly, they want to get to know you—the real you. Your response should tell a story and give the reader insight into your personality, what kinds of things fascinate and excite you, what you’re curious about intellectually, and more. Include an example of an experience or two that has shaped how you view life.

 Keep your essay focused—your goal should be to answer the prompt completely

You want your essay topic to be an inch wide and a mile deep. Focus on a specific event, experience, musing—anything that reflects who you are—and zero in on it. Make sure this response suits the essay question. You will need to respond to every part of the prompt.

 Write about a topic that you find interesting

Choosing a topic that excites you is an amazing way to infuse energy and life into your essay. It also gives the reader a distinct impression of the kind of person you are. This is critical as colleges are looking for students who are the right fit for their college, and if they can’t get a good sense of your personality, they can’t determine whether or not you’re a great fit! Show yourself off! Remember, your essay really can be about anything as long as you answer the question properly!

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