[Finished] Join the Detroit College Challenge 2018

The Detroit Challenge encourages students to prepare for the future by exploring our award-winning resources.

The Detroit College Challenge for 2018-2019 is now over. Check the standings here.

Find out which schools won!

Read about the Detroit College Challenge scholarship winner, Subria B

Get Schooled and the Detroit College Access Network (DCAN) teamed up to create Get Schooled Detroit, a one stop digital resource for students in Detroit with all of the information they need to plan for their future. Get Schooled Detroit offers students an opportunity to gain knowledge earlier than 12th grade which aides in understanding the critical college-going steps/barriers that often contribute to a lack of enrollment. The resources the students have access to will help them understand the importance of getting good grades, graduating high school and exploring post-secondary options. Join us on an exploratory journey that will equip your students with resources tailored specifically to students in Detroit!

Students will learn about the Detroit Promise, requirements for Michigan public universities and community colleges, financial aid opportunities, college planning, post-secondary options, receive tips on how to take the ACT/SAT and have access to a live counselor on our text line to ask questions about college or life after high school.

By participating in the Detroit College Challenge students will be encouraged to:

  • Complete the FAFSA
  • Register for the Detroit Promise
  • Explore scholarships
  • Sign-up for our exclusive Detroit College text line
  • Practice taking the SAT test
  • Find the right post-secondary option and so much more