The Graduate For Más Challenge: Student Overview

Curious as to how the Graduate for Más challenge works or, better yet, how to get your school involved? Look no further!


How to Earn Points for Your School

  1. Make sure you create your student account.
  2. Want a leadership role? Tell your teacher you want to sign up to become a student ambassador!
  3. Complete the Graduate for Más badge when it becomes available on October 1.

After You Complete the Badge

  • Stay Engaged on the Graduate for Más homepage.
  • Log on every day and complete articles, quizzes, surveys, discussion boards, etc. to earn points for your school!
  • Remember: The more you engage on the site, the more points your school earns!
Check out the video below to see how one determined school was able to get their entire student body involved and earn a $3,000 grant! 

Greenbrier HS G4M Promo from Get Schooled on Vimeo.

For more information or to express additional questions or concerns, contact Inesha Williams via email at