Be The Person Who Decides To Go For It

Learn how YOU can get a full ride!

Daniela is going to college on a full ride! She wrote into the  Get Schooled text line letting us know that she received $33,000 from the Dream U.S. national scholarship! Here is her message to other Dreamers who are pursuing higher education and looking for financial assistance:

Get Schooled

“I know that senior year is a challenge for most, especially for undocumented students. Although DACA students file taxes you are still not eligible for any federal aid (bummer, I know) However, the Dream U.S national scholarship will be able to pay for your full four years of college or 2 years if you decide to attend a community college instead. The scholarship has many partner schools across the United States. Applications Open November 1. I want you to know that if you have to create opportunities for yourself and keep on going! There are a lot of fun people who want to tear us apart, but there are also people who want to help us grow.

Many people can win this scholarship! You just have to answer 3 personal statements. I suggest you take a chance and apply!!!! Winning this scholarship has allowed me to quit a second job I had. Quitting my second job has allowed me to focus more on studying and keeping my grades up. I was able to do it without any support from my parents and it was excruciating. I think this is why I am most thankful. There have been people who actually believe in me. I was working 30+ a week while in high school and it was difficult for me. I began to slack off because I rarely slept and then I realized I needed to make school my number one priority again.

I know that many of you think you’re not going to be able to go to school because of your financial and undocumented status....... GET THAT OUT OF YOUR HEAD! I believe in you and know you will succeed!”

Congrats to Daniela! She will be studying either Fashion Marketing or Human Services.