4 Apps To Help You Manage Your Coins

Learning to manage our coins responsibility is how we achieve financial freedom.


The moment you start making your own money, you enter a world of freedom you’ve never known before. Trips to the mall can leave you screaming, “I can get ‘em both, I ain’t gotta choose.” But, is that really true? Of course not. Well, unless you’re Cardi B and then maybe it is true.

For the rest of us, learning to manage our coins responsibility is how we achieve financial freedom. Getting this money management thing right takes a bit of work and practice, but these four apps can really help you stack your paper and level up in life!

Mint is probably the best free overall money management app on the market. This web-based tool is easy enough to help you learn money management when you open your first bank account, and robust enough to help you stay on track as you grown your money. The app offers real-time syncing to your accounts, budget trackers, bill due date notifications, and even credit score alerts. You can create your Mint account online and then download the mobile app to track your treasure on the go!

Available in: Apple App Store and Google Play

Need help sticking to your budget? Wally is here to help you get your financial life together. For starters, you can set up your budget based on your expenses, income, and savings goals. Easy to understand graphs help you understand how and when you’re spending your money. You can scan in receipts to keep track of your shopping habits, and keep everything in a zen-like balance. Although Wally doesn’t sync to your bank account, it is a great tool to help you get in the habit of being aware of where your money goes every single day. The app is free to use.

Available in: Apple App Store and Google Play

The free Toshl app is all about helping you reach your financial goals. Similar to Mint and Wally, you can set up a budget and track your expenses and savings. The app allows for both an automated sync and manual entry of your financial transactions. Whether you want to track how you spend money on McDonald’s McChicken nuggets, your fur baby, or your video game obsession, Toshl will help you keep it all in balance. The best part is you start with a financial goal in mind, and then build your budget around achieving that goal!

Available in: Apple App Store and Google Play

If you are lucky enough to get an allowance on a regular basis, you want to do your best to make it count! Using the free iAllowance app, you can take managing your finances to the next level. iAllowance lets you enter your chores and jobs to track when they’re due and how much allowance you get for completing them. You can watch your virtual piggy bank grow as you earn money. You can even schedule your allowance payouts as well as deduct your expenses. This app is perfect for younger savers.

Available in: Apple App Store