What Cal Grant Do You Qualify For?


The beautiful thing about the Cal Grant is, no matter what your plan after graduating high school may be, there’s a Cal Grant to help fund you fund it. Even if you aren’t sure about college, you can apply for a Cal Grant and have it held in reserve until you’re ready!

Want to attend a 4-year university or California community college right after graduating high school? Check out the Cal Grant High School Entitlement award A and B.

Or maybe you want to transfer to a participating California 4-year university after attending a California community college? Check out the Cal Grant A or B Transfer Entitlement Award.

Just planning on attending A California community college for now, without transferring? The Cal Grant A and B are still both there for you!

Looking to pursue a career/technical/vocational education or certification? You can get a Cal Grant C for that!

The question is, how do you qualify for the various types of Cal Grants? Let’s break it down:

Keep in mind that first (and most importantly), for every form of the Cal Grant, you must complete the FAFSA or CADAA and have your high school GPA sent to CSAC by March 2nd to be considered for Cal Grant funding!

1.Cal Grant A

Worth up to $12,630 at a University of California campus

Up to $5,742 at a California State University campus

Up to $9,094 at independent CA colleges

The requirements:

  • Meet financial need requirements (the Cal Grant A is intended for middle to low income students)
  • 3.00 high school GPA minimum

“But what if I’m transferring from a CA community college?”

To be considered for a Cal Grant A Transfer Entitlement award, you must be planning to transfer directly to an eligible 4-year CA school from community college during that year (meaning, there can’t be a gap in enrollment!). Here are the requirements:

  • Meet financial need requirements (the Cal Grant A is intended for middle to low income students)
  • 2.4 CA community college GPA minimum

2. Cal Grant B

Assists with the cost of a four-year, two-year and vocational degree or certificate at a California college

Provides a living allowance (up to $1,672)

When renewed beyond first year, you’ll receive the living allowance in addition to a tuition award commensurate with Cal Grant A award amounts.

The requirements:

  • Meet financial need requirements (the Cal Grant B is intended for low income students)
  • 2.00 high school GPA minimum
  • Usable at academic programs of at least 1 year in length

3. Cal Grant C

Assists with the costs of a technical or career education

provides up to $1,094 for books, tools and equipment—and up to $2,462 more for tuition and fees if you’ll be attending a school other than a California Community College (community colleges don’t charge tuition and your fees will be waived as a Cal Grant recipient)

Usable for 2 years

The requirements:

  • No GPA minimum, but you’re still encouraged to submit yours as it can help increase our chances of getting an award.