Dear Black Santa Winners

After a successful Campaign, read the winning entries and see how some students had their Christmas wish come true

Dear Black Santa

Bringing 2017 to a joyous end, we partnered with and had a total of 2,214 entries for the Dear Black Santa Campaign. After sending out Black Santa notebook packages to 38 students, FOUR lucky winners were selected as grand prize winners.

Read their entries below:

“Dear Black Santa, my mom always works hard for my family, and even though she has three daughters, she's helping them all go to college the best she can. I really want her to just have a day for herself, whether it's a spa day or a shopping spree because I think she deserves it” - Karen L

  • Karen and her mom were surprised by the Black Santa at their home with gift cards for the spa

“I wish for my SD Refugee tutoring to have a book fair, allowing each student to take home a free book to read. This will give the refugee students the opportunity to develop their English speaking skills” - Judy N

  • The Black Santa Team sent Judy books so that her tutoring group would be able to host the book fair

“Dear Black Santa, my Dad has worked his butt off to support my family in his auto shop and I would love to get him a new set of Ratchet Wrenches. My Dad works his hardest and I just want to show my appreciation for what he does” – William B

  • William got his wish fulfilled this past holiday season and he receive a brand new set of Ratchet Wrenches for his dad

“Dear black Santa, our family was greatly affected by hurricane Harvey. My dad has been rebuilding our house on his own. I wish to give him a new pair of jeans” – Genesis T

  • Rockets superstar, Chris Paul, invited Genesis and her family to his “Chris Paul Holiday Takeover” event at Target and sent them each home with a cart filled with whatever they chose.