An Educator’s Financial Aid Takeover

Ms. McGuire hosted an Instagram live session about Financial Aid and did an amazing job. Read a summary about her experience.<br><br>

Get Schooled is the unique space where educators and students work together to improve student outcomes. Whether it’s attendance, graduation, or college access, we value the opportunities to partner with our educators to prepare students for success. Krista McGurie, a second-year advisor at West Charlotte High School, wrote a blog post about her relationship with Get Schooled and hosting a live Instagram chat with students about financial aid. An active follower of our social media accounts, Ms. McGuire received a classroom care package after responding to our tweet asking educators what they needed in their classrooms. Noticing Ms. McGuire’s dedication to her students and push for higher education, we asked her to speak to our students about financial aid to pay for college.

Wanting to provide the most accurate information for students and make it fun and engaging in the process, she attended a training with financial aid professionals and reached out to her colleagues. In the end, she was able to answer students’ questions about work-study, student loans and grants with the help of a few other college advisors.

Over 100 students tuned in to get personalized advice from Ms. McGuire and get closer to achieving their college goals!

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