The Road To College For The Class Of 2018

We surveyed high school seniors around the country to find out how they are feeling about applying to college and this is what they told us: 

For the third consecutive year, Get Schooled surveyed its senior class to understand their postsecondary plans and experience with the college application process. The results, as reflected in the infographic below, demonstrate that while college and college access organizations have done a great deal to reduce the level of confusion about how to apply to college, especially for first generation college students, the process continues to be overwhelming.

Not surprisingly, first generation college students are most likely to rely on external assistance (including Get Schooled, counselors and teachers) while other students rely on parents or other family member to get them through the application process. The SAT and/or ACT as well as the personal statement are the pieces that cause the most stress, along with just the difficulty of managing so many moving pieces. Lastly, cost continues to be the #1 barrier – real or anticipated – to students applying to specific colleges and/or ultimately attending them.  Click the image for a closer look. 

What the Class of 2018 Thinks About College Infographic