Get The Most Out Of Your Class Time

You’re doing the most!


Paying attention in class can be a struggle; especially if the class isn’t your strongest subject. This may get harder once you’re in a college setting. We want to help you get the most out of your current classes and help you prepare for your future college classes.

1. Sit in front of the class

Yes, you tend to gravitate to the middle or back of the class because you don’t want the teacher to call on you. But sitting in the front will help you pay better attention. Not only do you see the board better, but the teacher has a clear view of you. So forget about dozing off or texting under your desk, the teacher will see you.

2. Take notes

Sometimes sitting and listening isn’t good enough to retain information. Take notes to help you remember what each lesson is about. Try and rewrite what your teacher says in your own words. This will help you better understand the lessons since you wrote it in a way you can easily comprehend.

3. Participate in class

Ask your teacher questions, be an active voice in a group discussion, and help your classmates when they have questions. By participating in class, you’re forcing yourself to process the material so you can come into a discussion with the knowledge.

4. Highlight what you don’t understand

When you hear your teacher explain a concept that you can’t figure out, don’t keep thinking about it. Make a note of it and at the end of class, ask your teacher if he or she will have time to explain that part to you again. When you dwell on what you don’t know in class, you aren’t paying attention to the lesson anymore, so you’re missing out on other bits of information. Jot down what you don’t know and continue listening to your teacher.

5. Be present

This may be the hardest tip on the list. When in class, it’s easy to fall into a daydream. But you need to pull yourself out of it. Make yourself focus on what’s going on right in front of you.

Once you start putting these tips to use, you’ll be able to pay attention and get the most out of your classes in no time.