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Serve DC
Serve DC – The Mayor’s Office on Volunteerism is the District of Columbia Government agency dedicated to promoting service as an innovative and sustainable solution to pressing social challenges.Serve DC engages District communities by building partnerships and organizational capacity, leading national service initiatives, and providing meaningful volunteer opportunities. 

Learn about volunteering opportunities at You can also call (202) 727-7925. 

Public Allies D.C.

Public Allies
Public Allies is a national movement committed to advancing social justice and equity by engaging and activating the leadership of young people. Since 1992, we have helped thousands of underrepresented young leaders serve our country, get on successful pathways to higher education and careers, and bring communities together to work for the common good. The AmeriCorps Apprenticeship is a full time 10-month experience that includes a monthly stipend of $1650, and access to healthcare and childcare benefits. The Pathways Program connects Allies to employment and/or higher education after the 10-month apprenticeship. Alumni Programs help alumni grow in their careers, stay connected with each another, and give back to Public Allies. 

Learn more about Public Allies opportunities at You can also call 202-683-1301.


DC Vote

DC Vote
Founded in 1998, DC Vote is a national citizen engagement and advocacy organization dedicated to strengthening democracy and securing the equality of Statehood for all in the District of Columbia. DC Vote provides opportunities for people concerned about the inequality of DC residents to learn about the specifics of the issue. Additionally, we engage with supporters on volunteer opportunities to bring awareness and visibility to the lack of Statehood and the over-reaching of Congress in the affairs of the District of Columbia. Supporters of DC Vote have the opportunity to learn about civic engagement and education programs as well as engage new voters in the process of registering to vote.

Learn more about DC Vote at You can also call (202) 462-6000.

Mikva Challenge
Mikva Challenge DC develops youth to be informed, empowered, and active citizens and community leaders. We do this by engaging youth in action civics, an authentic and transformative learning process built on youth voice and youth expertise. 

To learn more about the Mikva Challenge program, visit

Critical Exposure

Critical Exposure 
Critical Exposure is a local D.C. organization that supports youth of color ages 14-21 to organize campaigns to effect change around issues of educational injustice. Youth use visual storytelling, particularly photography, as a tool to document the issues directly impacting their lives. Through our in-school and afterschool programs and partnerships with community organizations, we’re developing a new generation of civic leaders who possess the tools to express themselves; the creativity to imagine new solutions to old problems; the belief that youth have the right and ability to fight for those solutions;  and the skills to hold communities and public officials accountable.

Find out more about Critical Exposure at You can also call (202) 745-3745 ext. 20.