Continuing My Education

Now is the perfect time to continue your education.



DC Tuition Assistance Grant Progream

D.C. Tuition Assistance Grant Program
This organization will provide attendees information regarding higher education funding options available from both the D.C. Government and the U.S. Department of Education. This agency will review and provide information regarding the DCTAG Program, the Mayor’s Opportunity Scholarship for Undergraduate Students and the major federal student aid programs.

You can learn more about the DCTAG program by visiting You can also call (202) 727-2824.

DC College Savings Plan

DC College Savings Plan
The DC College Savings Plan is a simple way for families to save money for college or post-secondary vocational school. The DC College Savings Plan is a tax advantaged 529 investment sponsored by the Government of the District of Columbia. 

To learn more about the advantages of the D.C. college savings plan, visit


University of District of Columbia

University of the District of Columbia
For more than eight generations, the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) and its predecessor institutions has quite literally changed the lives of thousands of students for whom a quality education seemed out of reach. Now in its 42nd year, University has emerged as an advanced public system of higher learning that includes the Community College, and offers 81 undergraduate and graduate academic degree programs. The University of the District of Columbia Community College (UDC-CC) offers two-year associate degree programs, and a variety of practical, non-academic educational programs and training to the residents of the District of Columbia and prepares students for immediate entry into the workforce; for the next level of education; for specialized employment opportunities; and for lifelong learning.

To learn more about the programs at UDC, visit You can also call (202) 274-5000


DC Reengagement Center

Re-engagement Center
The DC ReEngagement Center is a centralized District service through which out-of-school youth between the ages of 16- and 24-years-old can reconnect to educational options and other critical services to support their attainment of a high school diploma or equivalency. The Re-Engagement Center offers  the following: assessment of academic and non- academic needs to help develop individualized reengagement plans; identify best-fit educational options, including District of Columbia Public Schools, Public Charter Schools, Community based organizations, and Faith based organizations; support the re-enrollment process (collecting documents, accompanying youth on program visits, and connecting youth to resources that address reengagement barriers.); ongoing support for a least one year after enrollment occurs. 

Find out how the DC ReEngagement Center can help you by visiting You can also call (202) 671-2539. 

DCPS Opportunity Academies
Opportunity Academies are designed to ensure that all students in the district have a positive pathway to post-secondary success. Students who have not reached their full potential in a traditional setting are welcome at any of our four Opportunity Academies (Ballou STAY, Luke C. Moore Roosevelt STAY or Washington Metropolitan). Students will learn how to overcome barriers and find success through Dangers of the Mind—a cutting-edge, Social-Emotional Learning program. Through College Summit’s Peer Forward model, student ambassadors will boost college preparation and enrollment across their entire school, mobilizing their friends and classmates to realize their true potential, and busting the myth that Opportunity Academy students are not college material. Students will also have access to a menu of career and technical courses, thus preparing and positioning them for high-wage, high-demand careers. Students can pursue their diplomas through multiple pathways. Ballou STAY and Roosevelt STAY will offer three different types of high school diplomas: the traditional diploma, the General Education Diploma, and the National External Diploma Program. Students can also extend their school year with a trimester schedule at Luke C. Moore and Roosevelt STAY. 

LAYC Career Academy

LAYC Career Academy
LAYC Career Academy (LAYCCA) PCS is a completely free public charter school in the Columbia Heights neighborhood open to D.C. residents ages 16-24. LAYCCA accept students with or without a high school diploma and are a great resource for students that need a "bridge" between graduating high school and going to college, or for those that need a solid path to a GED or a career. Every student at LAYCCA benefits from a personalized learning experience. Students learn at their own pace to achieve their individual educational and career goals. Additionally, LAYCCA also has a Student Support Team that helps connect students to resources, provide extra support for students, and also ensure a safe space for all youth. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Learn more about the LAYC Career Academy. Visit or call (202) 319-2228.