DACA - Everything You Need To Know About The Repeal


UPDATE: The Supreme Court has rejected Trump's order to discontinue DACA. This means that, for now,  DACA will remain in place and any renewals or applications for DACA protection will be accepted until a different ruling is made. If you are eligible for DACA or need to renew, apply now!

This means DACA recipients still have protection from deportation, and all the rights DACA grants until your DACA status expires. If your DACA is set to expire, you can still renew your status. Renewed DACA status lasts for 2 years. With all this in mind, if DACA is ever concretely repealed, here’s what undocumented and DACAmented young people should know, and what you need to prepare for.

What DACA recipients need to know:

  • The government will not strip you of your DACA status if you have it, and ICE has said it will not target DREAMers except in criminal investigations. Your DACA protection will last for the remainder of its 2-year period.
  • If your DACA status is set to expire,or if you are eligible to receive DACA, you can renew it or apply for it. The supreme court recently rejected Trump's order to discontinue DACA, so DACA applications and renewals will be accepted indefinitely until another ruling is made.
  • If you’re currently working, you are not obligated to inform your employer that DACA has ended, nor is your employer allowed to ask whether you are a DACA recipient or how you got your work permit. You are allowed to work until your work permit expires.
  • Your Social security number is valid for life, even if your work permit or DACA expires
  • Social Security numbers can be used for education, banking, housing and other purposes
  • If you’re eligible to apply for DACA protection, you can still apply.  Your application will still be processed on a case-by-case basis. Applications and renewals will be accepted indefinitely until a new ruling on Trump's order to discontinue DACA is made. 

What you should be doing while you have DACA protection if you haven't already:

  • Apply for a driver’s license
  • Apply for a Social Security Number if you have not done so already
  • Let congress know that DACA matters to you, and you need to see them protect it

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